Friday, October 08, 2010

Things I wasn't surprised to hear at the haunted house.

There are three different Jessie James' but I'm pretty sure they are all related.

If you have to pee you better go now because there aren't any bathrooms in there! Repeat this statement ten to twenty times.

Wait, your VIP?

These energy drinks taste like beer and apple juice.

That's a lot of people, did they just wrap the line around?
No, that's the line to take a picture with the bunny.

If that old guy tries to punch us he's gonna go to jail.

Insomnia. I already have that so I can't get that.

Body Odor. I know that's not something you hear, but still, I wasn't surprised.

My fingers are cold and my face is hot, so I just touch my face a lot.

There's stuff in there that's worse than me.

Technically there is turning back because we could go through that gate right there but then that would be a waste of money and I didn't spend ten dollars on this just so I could leave when I am suppost to be saving money for homecoming and oh my god are you going to homecoming?

I'm a zombie, I don't even know how to tweet.


DaC said...


Richard ngesa said...

Ha ha

Kelline said...

You should definitely write and write a lot. You're funny. We love 20ish humor.

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