Monday, November 20, 2006

I Need A 'Book It' Program

I've made the mistake of buying a novel Saterday. Not that a book is a bad thing, it's just that now I want to read it. All the time. Which also isn't a bad thing. Except that I still have homework and pretend I have a life. Really my life is wandering the campus looking for people to talk too. Which is why I bought the book in the first place. Sure I read other stuff, lot's of stuff considering I'm a college student. I've pretty much allready knocked off most of the Old Testament. It's just that I wanted to find myself lost in a book. A book where I don't have to read and think at the same time. I just wanted to unfold the pages and find myself in someone else's world. Well now Nick Hornby has me lost in four people's world's. It's The Virgin Suicides meets the Breakfast Club. I tried looking back the last few months to count how much of my life has been spent between the pages, but I couldn't figure it out. I couldn't even count the number of books I've read since leaving school last year. Is all that reading really worth it if you can't remember all the books you've read? I guess so, its fun to get lost in another world sometimes.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

We will become a happy ending

Swing, like a chariot
At the trupet call
When were all unsaved, swing
Like a wrecking ball
Like the heart of god
What a mystery
Filled with the wedding feast
For the snakes and bees
With the angel teeth, swing
Come and carry us
Come and marry us
To the blushing circus king

Dance like elephants as he comes to us through a fiery golden rain
With a violin and a song to sing as he brings for us our wings
Now he's one of us, plays the tambourine
Breaks the bread for us and sings.

Page France, I'm now in love.
Genius. Simple. Amazing.

Fire come and carry us
Make us shine or make us rust
Tell us that you care for us
Let your body stand with us
Or let our rags be turned to dust
Chariot you swing for us
We think that you can carry all of us
So we will become a happy ending