Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Last Year First

1. Read thirty books. (15 classics, 15 others)
I'm pretty sure I fell short. I made the mistake of losing count, and allowing one of my roomates to move out (jerk took his books with him). I think I hit around 20-25. And I mostly read classics, so that should be 15 of those bad boys.

2. Go on at least three dates.
Two. And do double dates count? Because if they do then that would make it two.

3. Keep track of money earned and money spent.
I have the earned down, and good old IRS will reinforce my bookkeeping. Does subtracting money in possession from money earned count as keeping track of money spent?

4. Get at least a 3.5 GPA.

5. Follow up on Post Graduation Plans.
Maybe I should just focus on graduating.

6. Make bike riding a habit.
I don't even own A bike, let alone enough bikes that would necessitate a habit.

7. Lose 20 pounds.
I managed to complete this one. Coincidently, I also managed to gain enough weight to do it again this year.

8. Start a mourning routine.
I'm pretty sure I meant morning. But maybe this was an omen about the upcoming sports year? The closest I got to an actual "morning" routine was walking into class five or ten minutes late.

9. Check two items off my things to do before I die list.
I invented a sandwich. Its called Grood? and it is amazing. Think of a mashup of grilled cheese, PB and J, and PB and Banana. I also gave up coke (aka soda or pop) for lent. Ironically, I forgot these items were on my list until I re-read them. I even accidentally do things right.

10. Don't move back home. (Dad's house)
I still very much don't live at my Dad's house.


Kevin said...

fair play tim, fair play!

Ted Jones said...

I like this... Maybe I should try to do things

Tim said...

Are you suggesting foul play?

And yes, doing things is fun.

Kevin said...

Ted, you are so the next TIM!