Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On Summer and Roosters

  1. I read much faster when it isn't for class.
  2. I've underestimated mustard for quite some time now. We have some catching up to do.
  3. Contrary to popular belief Christian Slater isn't a smuck.
  4. Tillamook Ice Cream is really really good.
  5. Doctors should recommend ten hours of sleep. Society would benefit.
  6. The Corn Flakes commercial is deceiving, Roosters don't crow once, they crow until the sun has reached the highest point in the sky.
  7. My neighbor has a Rooster.
  8. The city doesn't discourage Rooster enthusiasts.
  9. The city probably should.
  10. Rooster enthusiasm is rather selfish.
  11. The alarm clock has rendered city Roosters obsolete for some time now.
  12. Roosters should probably go back to their roots: egg making.
  13. If doctors recommended ten hours of sleep Rooster enthusiasm would decline.
  14. Society would benefit and I wouldn't hate my neighbors.

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